Press Release

“CutShotPro introduces the safest and most stylish
Money Belt for Men & Women in the market”

  CutShotPro, a company that values comfort, style and safety in all their products, is proud to introduce their CSP Money Belt. It is the ONLY Money Belt that is backed by a Lifetime Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.

  CutShotPro Owner, Marta Greenfield, says “CSP Money Belt is a product that we created and designed to fit everything that’s absolutely necessary. Now that we tailor made it to fulfill our needs I just can’t imagine traveling without it! CSP Money Belt gives me important feeling of safety!”

  CSP Money Belt is the safest travel accessory anyone should have. Marta and Asia, as former professional athletes, they know how it is to be on the road and how irreplaceable CSP Money belt can be! It’s incredibly lightweight, ultra slim, suitable for both men and women, made by the best quality of material, stylish and it’s exceptionally comfortable to wear directly on the skin or over a layer of clothing.

Athletes, Marta and Asia, co-owners of CutShotPro, shared “We understand what it takes to be great. We have pushed ourselves to be our absolute best, and that is why we believe in the CSP Money Belt. We care about the comfort, fashionable look and especially, safety of our customers…”

  The secret to traveling stress-free and hands-free is easy when you have the CSP Money Belt. You can travel without worrying about your credit card and passport information being stolen because of its RFID blocking material and NFC clip protecting it.

  It is also intricately designed with multiple pockets that help you organize your train tickets, passport, money, keys and more. You won’t have to worry about it getting ripped easily because of its durable material.

  Plan your next travel with the CSP Money Belt, available soon. Traveling won’t be the same and might even be better and safer.